In good weather, a visit to the reservoirs close to Vitoria is a must. Relax and forget the stress of the city having a cold beer under an oak tree at the bar restaurant Urbazter. If you are hungry you can have a menu at the garden. Don’t forget to taste the delicious croquettes. A few meters away there is an interesting second choice to enjoy the trip: the rotisserie Erpidea. The glass wall of the restaurant will attract you to have a sit inside. The carte is appealing as well, more expensive than Urbazter but worth trying. But choose a dessert and drink a coffee at the outside terrace, close to the edge of the water and see the island of Zuaza. And very close too is the yatch club. The sails of the boats will make you think that you are by the sea. And if the day is sunny and you like to swim you can have a bath just from there. Not many people bath from this place, so you will be at ease. Anyway, if you take the car and drive a few kilometers you can visit the touristic beaches at Garaio, with showers, lifeguards, and almost sand and waves. Is the closest thing to a beach you can find in the area. Many families spend the day sit at beach chairs under the sunshades. Leashed dogs are allowed and you will find no bars but ice cream stalls will help you enjoy a hot day.


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