This is a different way of visiting the old town of Vitoria. If you look up when you walk around this area, you will be caught by some expressive facades. “Al hilo del tiempo” (As time goes by), “Cubiertos de cielo y estrellas” (covered by sky and stars) or “El triunfo de Vitoria” (the triumph of Vitoria) are some titles of the many murals embellishing the walls of the buildings. You can admire this art works by yourself, as you go for a walk, for free and without queues. But if you want to see them all and to know all the details, you can find here guided visits for only 4€.

It is worth knowing all the secrets of the murals because they are the result of the artistic and even physical effort of many artists and volunteers, working toguether for weeks and turning the grey dull walls into works of art.

The prize for Vitoria as the European Green City and the equality between men and women will be the themes of the new works in front of the Artium museum. One of them will include animated tales and audiovisual projections.


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