Several open air markets take place in Vitoria for all the year.  Very popular is the one at Santa Barbara square, just 200 meters away from Ondoloin. It is a fruits, vegetables and handmade sweets market and it is held every thursday and saturday morning. Many stalls sell organic products, but you better ask.

On sundays, at the Plaza de España there’s a  swapping collector goods and second hand objects market (forniture, ornaments, relics). And every first saturday of the month there’s a market all over the old town. Here are the routes you can follow around:

Ruta del comercio (commerce route):

The most charming shops of the city, along the Cuchillería, Cuesta de San Francisco, Correría streets and the Plazuela de Santo Domingo. Young local designers show their new creations at the Pintorería and Herrería streets. (Timetable: 10:30h. to 15:00h.)

Ruta de la artesanía (craftmanship route):

New creations in design, fashion, jewelry and accessories walking along the Herrería,

Zapatería and Pintorería streets. (Timetable: 10:30h. to 15:00h.)

Ruta cultural (cultural route):

Open doors at the Medieval walls from 10:00h. to 14:00h. Guided visit around the old town

starting at 11:30h. from the Touristic Office (5€/person)

Ruta de las Barricas (barriques route):

Some ten bar owners from the old town offer 1 drink + 1 pintxo for just 1,50€ while the

street market is taking place.

Rincón del Gourmet (the gourmet corner):

Exquisite pintxos at the Brullería square. (Timetable: 11:00h. to 14:00h.)

Rincón infantil (kids corner):

Workshops, games and handcrafts for kids at the Brullería square (Timetable: 10:30h. to



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