•  Artium: Basque contemporary fine arts museum. Artium: Centro-Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo.

The permanent collection composed by more than 1.600 works (paintings, sculptures drawings, engravings, pictures and installations) is considered one of the best you can find for basque and spanish contemporary art.

It is always partially exhibited, along with temporary exhibitions and they carry out many other activities.

•  Montehermoso cultural center. Centro cultural Montehermoso.

Aimed to the creation, exhibition and promotion of contemporary art and thinking. Very involved in gender equality policies.

•  Fine arts museum. Museo de Bellas Artes.

Basque classical paintings.

•  Weapons museum. Museo de Armería.

The collection holds weapons and all time war related objects. There is a section devoted to the Batalla de Vitoria.

•  Archaeology museum. Museo de Arqueología.

Objects found in the archaeologic sites from Alava. They cover the period from the first human activities to the middle age. BIBAT museum, Cuchilleria street, 54.

•  Natural science museum. Museo de Ciencias Naturales.

Everything related to natural world is exhibited here (minerals, insects, butterflies, etc.). Siervas de Jesús street, 24.

•  Fournier playing cards museum. Museo Fournier de Naipes.

In this very peculiar museum you will know about cards history and graphic design evolution, visiting the best collection of playing cards in the world. BIBAT museum, Cuchilleria street, 54.

• Sacred art museum. Museo de Arte Sacro.

Important works from the religious heritage are exhibited in the María Inmaculada Cathedral (New Cathedral). Adress: Catedral Nueva Monseñor Cadena y Eleta.

• Lanterns museum. Museo de los Faroles.

Beautiful lanterns from the Rosario de los Faroles procession. Every August the 4th it goes round the center of the city. OTurism information office, General Loma square, 1


• Museo de Armería: 945 18 19 25.

• Museo Arqueología: Tel. 945 20 37 07.

• Museo Ciencias Naturales: Tel. 945 18 19 24.

• Museo Fournier del Naipe: Tel. 945 20 37 07.

• Museo de Arte Sacro: Tel. 945 18 19 18.


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