IKEA (around 85-100€)   C/ Portal De Castilla 27   Tel: 945 144 747

This is one of the gastronomic temples in Vitoria. Javier Mariscal creates a warm atmosphere, with both a basque and a japaneese flair. The team leaded by the chef José Ramón Berriozabal creates palate delights and sense joys. And the cave is the heart of Ikea. An average prize of the menue will range between 85-100€. Not expensive if you are looking for excellence. The icing on the cake is musical sellection. Strongly recommended for the epicure. One star in the Michelin guide.

Zaldiaran restaurant (Tasting menu 55€) Avenida Gasteiz, 21 Tel.: 945134822
It has been for years the only restaurant in Vitoria credited with a Michelin star. Very prestigious in the city, its name is linked to the National Congress of Author Cooking because they organize it. If you enjoy good cuisine and you are prepared to spend some 55€ then book a table at the Zaldiaran. The 7 wonders menu is simply delicious. If your curiosity is aroused just have a look at the dishes at their website. From top to bottom, the menu is outstanding.

EL MESÓN (around 45€)   Ortiz de Zárate, 5   Tel: 945 146191 / 945 142730

Stands up among locals and visitors thanks to their “pintxos” and their restaurant. You take it for an ordinary bar at first sight, but you’ll change your mind the moment you have the first bite. Only 150m away from Ondoloin apartments.

ETXE ZAHARRA (Casa Vieja) (around 40€)

Txikita (Chiquita), 6    Tel.: 945 146 565

A good bet for traditional basque cuisine lovers. Best quality ingredients and generous plates. Their oak, beech, holm oak firewood oven cooked lamb and suckling pig are very popular, but fish is a good bet too. Their steamed sea bass is just delicious.

LA VIÑA (around 25€)   Calle Rioja, 24    Tel: 945 204393

In the same street as the Ondoloin apartments.   Perfect for a casual dinner and “tapas” lovers. Price per person is about 25€.

ZABALA (around 45€)

C/Benigno Mateo Moraza    Tel.: 945 23 00 09

A reputed restaurant in Vitoria since 1962. Located in the “Los Arquillos” building, a monumental complex you shouldn’t skip in this town. A melting pot of avant-garde and tradition in an inspirational architecture setting.

MATXETE (around 45€)  Plaza del Matxete, 4-5  Tel.: 945 131 821

Located at the Plaza del Matxete, in the Medieval Town of Vitoria. It is a popular classic in town. A particular taste that combines tradition with a creative touch.

VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT MUSEO DEL ÓRGANO (menu 14€)    Open for lunch at working days.     Florida 29.    Tel: 945136688

Very close to the Ondoloin apartments. Tasty meals and organic products. If you like vegies this is your place to eat, it is worth going, everything is lovelly

NIKABIO (3€ each tupper) Calle Ortiz de Zárate,22

Nikabio is a shop very close to the apartments where you can buy cheap take away BIO food. A two euros tupper contains one or two portions, that depends on your appetite. José Ignacio, the manager of the shop, is very careful with the products they use and they cook daily small quantities, so you always find freshly cooked food. All the ingredients are organic, and they usually have rice, quinoa, millet and pasta for starters and tofu, seitan or tempeh for the main dish. Other BIO products for personal care or for the house are also available in the shop, and they will give you some advise about diet and health matters.

DA VINCI, italian restaurant (around 30€)
150m from Ondoloin apartments.
c/ Manuel Iradier, 48.    tel: 945 25 04 58
Travel to Italy without leaving Vitoria. Genuine italian recipies, carefully cooked in a firewood oven, “Manna mia!” everything is delicious. The place is worth a dinner but don´t go if you are in a hurry.

JAPANEESE RESTAURANT GINZA (around 30€)  Pintor díaz de olano, 1. Telf.: 945 158 752

Specialty in Teppanyaki and japaneese dishes, like sushi. The staff wears kimonos and you will too if you sit by the four big grills and want to avoid stains while the cook works in front of you. A very kind staff and a suggestive musical atmosphere.

XIXILU (around 40€)    Plaza Amárica, 2    Tel: 945 230 068

First class seasonal ingredients in this restaurant, famous for its red beans. The counter displays small bites too.

ARABA (around 35€) Avenida de los Huetos, 17  Telf.: 945222669

Away from the usual leisure circuit, the Araba is everyday crowded with local cuisine enthusiasts from 1.977. Manolo, the cook, and his brothers Carlos and Pepe, the waiters,  follow a very professional family saga. It is a safe bet.

CHINESE RESTAURANT WOK (You can eat everything you want for only 11€ plus drinks)

A hundred meters from Ondoloin, in the Dendaraba Commercial Center (calle Paz), at the end of first floor. A bit difficult to find.

A self-service with a great variety of dishes. You may eat all the seafood, fish and vegetables that you want, and they will grill or wok them for you at once. Lots of chinese food too and a delicious sushi.

DOLOMITI (around 40€)  C/ Ramón Y Cajal 1   Tel: 945 233 426

Quality italian restaurant, recently redecorated, and provided with a woodfire oven. Booking recommended.

SAGARTOKI (around 50€)   Calle Prado, 18    Telf.: 945288676

Good ingredients and a classic rotisserie cuisine. Rated with an 8 out of 10 in the guide “Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía” (“The Best of the Gastronomy”).

CUBE (around 40€)

C/ Francia, nº 24 Centro Museo Artium    Tel: 945 203 728

It’s the restaurant of the Artium Museum. An avant-garde choice in Vitoria. They serve set menues and à la carte meals. One of the best terraces in town. You may as well eat delightful “pintxos” while reading one of the many magazines available for clients.

COCINA DE PLÁGARO (around 60€)   Florida, 37   Tel: 945 27 96 54

Only a hundred meters away from Ondoloin appartments.

Luis Angel Plagaro, an up-and-coming talent of Alava’s cuisine, passionately proposes a set menu for 25 lucky clients. It is essential to book your chair if you want to enjoy it. The menu varies daily.

EL PORTALÓN (around 65€)   Correría 151    Tel: 945 14 27 55

The emblematic building from the XVth. century, is now a museum-like restaurant. It preserves all the medieval charm and combines traditional basque cuisine with a modern touch.


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