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The very popular “la cuesta” (Cuesta de San Francisco), in the old town, is the crowded main area for pubs and clubs.

But if you are looking for something more appealing, there are a few suggestions:


Cantón de San Francisco javier, 1

DJs every friday, gigs every now and then in working days. They serve meals everyday. Very good atmosphere anytime.


Plaza de La Virgen Blanca

“The Dublin” is a very active small bar in the center of Vitoria. Its music choice is so stunning that you can easily go to have a drink and end up sunk in some dj’s sounds flood early in the morning. From jazz to electronic music… everything is possible at “The Dublin”. The manager, Luismi, is very careful with the music offer of this bar, a classic for the cultural scene of the city. Everybody fits in this small room, eclecticly decorated.


c/Herrería, 151

This venue is a must if you want to know what Vitoria’s swine night is about. Very good atmosphere everyday (from 19h.). Friday and saturday djs, and many fridays free gigs. And they hold jolly and famous iguanateque partys (not every Saturday, from 13h.).


Jacinto Benavente, 6 (Judimendi)

Live music venue and bar, open everyday from 19h. to 4h. a.m. Djs at night the weekends. A pub open to all styles and trends. But you better choose the right moment. Recommended to look up schedules for gigs.


End of Zapateia street.

This is the place if you’re looking for a rock&roll night. Pablo, the pirate skipper, hosts a very cool atmosphere crowded with rock musicians, urban artists and lovely misfits… Meet them all and drink the very well served draft beer.



One of the best places for electronic music in Vitoria. The steamy music mixer led by Mikel discharges house, techno house, hip hop, funky, latin, jazz… In his words: What I really enjoy is having fun, girls, partying, but we need to do some work, so I’ve been at the pick up half my life, starting with indie music. We had lots of fun but we barely danced, we just moved the head, and some would do some jumping. Fuck, then one day, boom boom, here’s house ¡This sounds good! it’s fun, it makes me dance and I enjoy it. From then I concentrated quite a lot in electronic music, and I keep doing it. Generations of vitorian people danced at the Capirote, if you’re from there, you may know it. Sometimes I play music as well at the Iguana cafe. My personal likes depend on the moment, but when I am playing music, I want to make people dance, feel, quiver and connect with people through the invisible thread of music.


Herrería, 26

A classic bar in Vitoria. Open every day and every night. A place where everybody goes sooner or later. Always crowded with people, music, and snacks.

Martin’s bodega

Cuchillería, 74
In words of the owner, Martin Beacham, in his small shop you will find “wine and something else…” It is a paradise for the wine connoisseurs, and guided by Martin, you will discover hand made wines produced in family caves in Lapuebla de Labarca, a small town of the rioja Alavesa. Other quality products from Alava can be found in this shop, like txakoli from Amurrio, salt from Añana or Idiazabal cheese. Before making up your mind, you may try the wines out having a bite of cheese for free on a table outside the shop. A perfect place for a stop as you visit the old town. If you want to make a good present this is the place to find it. And your shopping will be delivered for free to your apartment or hotel, so you can go on with your visit without any bags to carry.


Postas, 28

A pub where you can sit and relax with a coffee and dance some house music at weekends. A very large place, not a disco, but big enough for dancing. But there are small tables all along where you can sit to have a drink or have a break in a rave night. But you must enjoy house music, because it is the only music you will listen to there. Prices are similar to any other bar in the downtown and it is close the the old town of Vitoria. They close a bit later than any other place (at 3 or 4 in the morning) so it is a good place to finish the night, or have a drink before going to a disco.