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SABURDI Dato, 32

Very popular thanks to their “pintxos”. The counter is full of tempting snacks. They serve meals too.


Their “pintxos” are small masterpieces, displayed in glass cases like treasures, and sorted in collections. The ones named “fritomaníacos”

(“friedmaniacs”) are a modern version of the traditional croquettes and other fried delights. The restaurant-rotisserie is 8 out of 10 rated in the guide “Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía” (“The best of the gastronomy”). Winner of the 2005, 2006 and 2007 prize for the best “tapas” and “pintxos” bar in Spain.

BAZTERTXO Plaza de España

Located between the two buisiest squares in Vitoria, the Virgen Blanca and the Plaza de España. In a traditional atmosphere, they offer creative bites, like the “pintxo de solomillo con foie montado sobre tostada de pan” (“sirloin steak with foie on toast”).

EL RINCóN DE LUIS MARI Just opposite the street from the Ondoloin apartments.

You shouldn’t skip their “serranitos”, their “antxopis” and their “bocadillitos de jamón ibérico” (Iberian ham sandwitches).

BAR TOLOÑO Cuesta de San Francisco 3

Tel: 945 23 33 36

The owner, Enrique Fuentes, can boast of winning a “pintxos” contest, beating the prestigious Gipuzcoan cooks in the process. He created a “milhojas de habitas sobre pisto de verdel” (“small beans millefeuille on pea ratatouille”) to achieve it. His “pintxos” bar is a significant classic in Vitoria.

LA MALQUERIDA Correría, 10      Telf.: 945 257 068

Coming out into the Virgen Blanca square, The Correría is one of the prettiest streets in the old town. This is a very popular spot for the “poteo” (the basque way of drinking: small drinks and bites wandering from one bar to the other, especially before meals) at midday and at night. Their very particular terrace, right in the San Miguel Cantón, will not disappoint you.

USOKARI Dato 25    Tel: 945 234 152

“Tapas” bar, with a counter full of “pintxos” and small bites.

DOLLAR Calle la Florida 26

Another classic in Vitoria. One of the best assorted “pintxos” bar in town. They serve set menues and à la carte meals. The restaurant has a very popular terrace on fair weather days.